Detox Measured. Result = Success

I was really skeptical about this program, but not anymore.

After thirty days:
Down 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg) and 2% body fat. My weight loss stalled during the 2-shakes-a-day week. That surprised me. I can’t even begin to speculate about the reasons. More surprising than the weight loss is the change in my measurements. I shrunk 2 inches on waist (narrowest part of my torso), 3 inches on hip (and my unique measurement at my navel 4.5 inches gone – belly bloat, anyone?).

The best result is the reduction in inflammation in my hand – the topic of yesterday’s post.

Food introductions.
I tried some tomato sauce and ground beef yesterday. My finger is inflamed again today. Salt? Tomato? Sugar?

I also tried some Greek yogurt and fruit. I didn’t like how I felt. Berries taste very sweet now and the yogurt was feh. I prefer a cocoa-avocado-coconut milk pudding.

Dr Sara challenges everyone to write a personal food code. I’m not at my goal weight yet, and my fasting blood sugar is trending down, but still higher than Dr Sara’s recommendations. My own GP says they’re good enough.

I want to keep doing what works.

My personal food code:
I’ve decided to remain gluten, grain- and sugar-free for another month. I will limit dairy to a splash in my morning coffee.

Continue probiotics. Continue water.

Next: explore FODMAP to help with gut & insulin resistance

Dr Sara says not to worry if you didn’t lose “enough” weight – Weight-loss can continue post-detox and to pay attention to fiber and carbohydrate consumption. Okay. Onwards for another 30 days!

Challenge question: If you had all the money you thought you needed, what would you do to make your life less stressful? What steps can you take to implement one or two of those ideas?


Beware of success!

A little success can knock us off our game!

When good things start happening, it’s common for people to stop paying attention to the things they were doing that put those good things in motion. ┬áLost a little weight? Stop making notes in your food journal.

When this happens, it’s time to strengthen the activities that form the foundation for success. Keep your focus on the actions that bring good results.