Q: what’s the best time of day to exercise?

A:  any time of day that gets it done!

I thought when I stopped going to an office building every day, magically I’d turn into the fitness queen. I noticed I kept kicking my commitment to “later” in the day and then “later” would turn into “tomorrow.”   After  seeing this pattern start to develop, I  am trying to  schedule my exercise before noon.   This way, when the day gets busy,  I’ve already accomplished my highest priority,  taking care of myself.

I’m more successful at “finding time to exercise” if I answer the W’s in advance, and then calendar an appointment with myself.

  • What am I doing?
  • When am I doing it?
  • Who’s doing it with me?
  • And where are we doing it?

My best time of day? Morning, so it gets done! How about you? What works best for you?

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