detox prep countdown

Shopping in The Netherlands for things that are common in the US can be a challenge.  Part of preparing for the detox has been locating the recommended ingredients like vegan protein powder. Smoothies are a foundation meal during the program. One a day for a week; then two a day for a week.  

I found a powder made from rice and chorella protein. There were three choices – plain, vanilla and chocolate. The plain had more carbohydrates and green coffee bean extract. I couldn’t understand all the ingredients (which were listed in Dutch). And I couldn’t tell standing in the store whether green coffee bean extra contains caffeine. I chose the more versatile vanilla.  I can add my own cocoa powder if I want a chocolate smoothie. 

I have been enjoying my morning coffee and occasionally skipping my afternoon pick-me-up.  During the first week, I will switch to hot water with lemon and maybe a bit of cayenne powder.  

I also invested in a tongue scraper and some sesame oil for “pulling.”  I’m off to read about what all this entails.  But first, some pumpkin soup.



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